Welcome Alberta Riders!  ... you Don't Have to Ride Alone!
 WE are made up of 3,000 plus riders with a common interest in motorcycles, all makes, sizes, all models that share the love of riding. We are free independent Alberta riders social network- no dues and no scheduled meetings to go to."We meet when we want to". No one joins, you become, follow no one but yourself, if it should lead to the Alberta wolf pack

We are brotherhood of lone wolf motorcyclist respecting all M.C.s MCCs

LE MCs\ R.C.s, that show us respect.

We are who we are, we do not,  do business,

we claim no Territory, no initiations.

We do not tolerate ANY illegal

activities by any member.   NO DRUGS!

Except for us few old buggers that need the prescription kind. lol

We are truly independent riders from across Alberta, even when in a group, each one is responsible for his or her own actions.

However, keep in mind your actions do reflect on the rest of us.

Use of the apostrophe to show possession the Alberta  Lonewolve's website. Placing the apostrophe before the s to show the lone wolf members own the site an the site's proprietor here is a manager of the site, that they can be replaced by a majority decision.  This site was built for the members alone.

Each patch reads Alberta Lone Wolf singular, each member is an individual lone wolf. If you ride together we are lone wolves. You're invited on the website to Events & Bike Nights (You Choose)  You may choose riding with the group but if you feel like a lone ride that day that's ok too.

 We are 100% ALBERTAN member operated.

Also the Saskatchewan, BC, Quebec and Ontario Lone Wolves are independent from us and run by their own province but we have an alliance with them and work together for many great things like some memorable rallies & rides together.

We are brother & sister members, family and friends first, this should never change. A true man or women is not judged by how much they can consume or by the make or model of bike, how well  they can fight, or how much you can lift,  but by the way they extends their hand to strangers and especially people in need.

If we seem a little Redneck to the rest of Canada well

...we are the ALBERTA LONE WOLVES 

You must be 18 years of age

Albertan or border near

cordial visitors welcome





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WE HAVE NO DUES! But Donations Would Help & be Appreciated THANKS!

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